The Hague partially unavailable Tuesday 21st July 2020 09:45:00

We are currently investigating the issue to get it resolved as soon as possible.

We managed to pinpoint a single router that was behaving not as configured, and because of that the failover in the fibercut took more down then anticipated.

For now the issue in the router is resolved and we will continue to investigate the root case of the issue. After the root case has been determined, we'll do some managed failovers to ensure a fibercut won't effect our network like it did.

Our fiber between NIKHEF (Amsterdam) and The Hague currently experiences a fibercut. We're working closely with our supplier to fix the issue.

Further investigation will happen as our network should not have responded in the way it did. This fibercut should have happened "gracefully" and not take the network partially down. Later investigation will be held to further determinate and fix this problem.

Our network is back operational in The Hague. We are now searching for the root cause of the issue.