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Past Incidents

Sunday 10th December 2023

No incidents reported

Saturday 9th December 2023

No incidents reported

Friday 8th December 2023

Managed Network Block storage instability at Scaleway

We are currently seeing block storage instability on managed Kubernetes clusters at Scaleway, we are looking into this

  • The incident has been resolved. We are still watching the situation and will reach out to customers to implement measures to prevent this in the future.

  • Latest update from Scaleway: Status update : Clients should get access again to their data. Some operation still needed to be done.

  • Latest update from Scaleway: Status update : issue is still ongoing with high latency & unavailability. We are still working on it.

  • Latest update from Scaleway: Update: the cluster starts to be in better condition. We still working on it but we could see improvement for some clients

  • No update yet from Scaleway but we are seeing some customer platforms recover, we are awaiting to see what happens

  • Latest update from Scaleway: We are still working on it. Root cause was identified as the status stated. We are fixing it but it takes more time than expected. New update in 15 minutes

  • Latest update from Scaleway: Identified - The team is working on stabilizing and restoring the service. We plan a new update in 15 minutes

  • We just received an update where an ETA of a couple of minutes is given for a fix.

  • Latest update from Scaleway: The storage team is working on it. We don’t have ETA at the moment.

  • The problem has been identified. The Block Storage service is currently experiencing an incident.

    Our Block Storage supplier is investigating.

  • Thursday 7th December 2023

    No incidents reported

    Wednesday 6th December 2023

    No incidents reported

    Tuesday 5th December 2023

    Managed Network Reduced redundancy on network

    Starting at 08:09 GMT+1 a fiber between Eindhoven and Amsterdam went down. This could have caused a minor unavailability depending on the origin network, as the various routes had to be re-routed. No further unavailability is expected in this incident. Due to the fiber being down, we lost 1 of the 3 transits and various direct peers.

    The supplier is aware of the incident and investigating. Latency to various networks might be increased temporarily, as the incident is being investigated.

  • The fiber has been fixed and back operational.

  • The supplier has reported that the incident is related to a fiber cut. An ETA of 1 hour is given.

  • Monday 4th December 2023

    No incidents reported