All systems are operational
Migration and to for 7 hours long

As announced by e-mail last week, we will be moving and to a new server at

Your website, e-mail and cronjobs will be taken offline starting at 23:00. At this point we will migrate all the data over to the new webserver. We expect to finish at last around 6:00 the next morning. This maintenance thread is updated when we experience problems in regards to the migration and topics may effect the finish time of the maintenance.

E-mails send within the period will be delivered at a later moment when the webserver is back online. No action is required from your side when using all our services (mainly our authoritative nameservers).

Past Incidents

Monday 30th November 2020

No incidents reported

Sunday 29th November 2020

The Hague (NL) Migration

Unfortunately, as we were evaluating the migration - we noticed irregularities in webhosting packages. Because of this, a small portion of our customers are experiencing problems with some missing files on the webhosting located at the new server, We are working around the clock to get all files back as they initially should have been, making all websites available again. If your website shows an (500) error, this is most likely the root cause of the issue.

If you experience this issue and you need your website up in a shortly time manner, please open a ticket and we will manually look into it.

  • All files have been restored. All websites that worked on the past environment, should work again.

  • Saturday 28th November 2020

    No incidents reported

    Friday 27th November 2020

    No incidents reported

    Thursday 26th November 2020

    No incidents reported

    Wednesday 25th November 2020

    No incidents reported

    Tuesday 24th November 2020

    No incidents reported